The design and decoration of your bedroom should cultivate calmness so that your bedroom is the prime place for rest and rejuvenation. The following tips will help you create this oasis of calm in your bedroom.

1. Calming Colors
Consider the colors of your walls, furniture, and bedding for their calming effect. Strong, bright colors might be your preference, but these may prove distracting in your bedroom. Consider more mellow and soothing colors in cool tones.

2. Eliminate Visual Distractions
A cluttered bedroom is not conducive to calmness. Eliminate clutter and visual distractions. It will help you relax and fall asleep.

3. Window Coverings
It is always better to block out all sleep disturbing light and outside intrusions. Light blocking window coverings can block the light but also add to your bedrooms overall design at the same time.

4. Bed Position
A change of bed position to take advantage of a view or soothing breezes can be a great way to add calmness and rejuvenate your bedroom.

5. Good Circulation
Having good circulation in your bedroom is essential, there should be enough room around your bed, and good routes to closets and bathrooms without clutter that can be an obstacle.

6. Proper Lighting
Soft soothing lighting in your bedroom is important. All your bedroom lighting should be dimmable, so you can control the light level and mood. You should also consider adjustable lighting for bedside reading.

7. Noise Free Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans are a great addition to bedrooms for air circulation which is a bonus during the warm months. Just make sure the fan is quiet and does not provide a noise distraction.

8. Eliminate Tech 
A true calming oasis does not contain noisy distractions such as TV’s, Computers, and Phones. Try to banish these outside intrusions in your oasis. You will be able to rest better.

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